chicken and chops: old school inspired reference to the conformity and uniformity of working middle class life pre-1980's (


‘Making Up Lost Time’ was always a failure.

I just didn’t see it right away.


In the summer of 2011 my older sister and I arrived in Cyprus on a trip I can only see as futile from the perspective of 2015. While in the military, our father spent roughly two and a half years on that island during the six and a half years our family spent living in southern Germany. My sister and I decided that we wanted to experience the place that we felt had stolen those years of our childhood with our father. At the time I felt it was his job in the army that had caused the distance I felt from him, and that it had made him the reserved person he had become. That place, and the time he spent there, it was something tangible that we could attempt to explore and understand. So, we went.

Really, what caused the distance between my father and me was something much more complicated.

Chicken and Chops, 2011 (Nicosia, Cyprus)
Making Up Lost Time (in progress)